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Re: cookie integration problem wp2.8 – bb 1.0 rc-2

Do you have WP in a subfolder of your main site? Do you have bbP in a subfolder of WP? Are you 100% certain that you can log in from bbP and then logout from WP, and that you actually get logged out from both when you try that order? I think the easiest way to stop all these integration headaches is to put up a document with a dummy wp-config.php and bb-config.php that have been tested in the situation mentioned and in the situation where WP is the base site folder and bbP is a subfolder of the base.

Everything but that order of action works fine for me without adding anything to bb-config and without adding anything but cookiepath to wp-config. However, every way I tried to line up the configs I’d always get that second logged_in cookie without a trailing / when logging in from bbP and WP won’t get rid of it.

Looking in the bb-settings.php I see that cookiepath always gets a trailing / added on and sitecookiepath always gets the trailing / trimmed, so the check to see if they both exist and are the same, never returns true, and thus bbP always sets 2 logged_in cookies.

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