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Re: cookie integration problem wp2.8 – bb 1.0 rc-2

Ok arturo84, make the changes Sam suggested by dropping the www from your cookie domain settings in each config, then put the Integration plugin code back into wp-config. In wp-config the Integration plugin recommends the following settings among others:

define('SITECOOKIEPATH', '/wp-admin');
define('COOKIEPATH', '/');

change SITECOOKIEPATH to match COOKIEPATH like this:

define('SITECOOKIEPATH', '/');
define('COOKIEPATH', '/');

Then for the bb-config you should include the recommended integration speedups from the bottom of your bb-admin/options-wordpress.php page, and make sure that the cookiedomain doesn’t have www, and that both cookiepath and sitecookiepath are / as well:

$bb->cookiepath = '/';
$bb->sitecookiepath = '/';

Then go into bb-settings.php (in the base bbpress folder). Look to line 768 if you have rc-2. Change line 768 from:

$bb->sitecookiepath = rtrim( trim( $bb->sitecookiepath ), " tnrx0B/" );

to this:

$bb->sitecookiepath = rtrim( trim( $bb->sitecookiepath ), " tnrx0B" );
$_bb_sitecookiepath = rtrim( trim( $bb->sitecookiepath ), " tnrx0B/" );

Notice the removed / before the ” and that you need to add the second variable below it as that variable is used to set the other cookie paths.

Upload the altered bb-settings.php over your current one and it should fix the problem. Please come back and let us know if it works for you too :)


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