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Re: cookie integration problem wp2.8 – bb 1.0 rc-2

This gave me a couple ideas to fix both our problems. Changing define('SITECOOKIEPATH', '...');

to match define('COOKIEPATH', '...'); fixed half of my problem (in other words, removing the wp-admin from the end of SITECOOKIEPATH, since I noticed that having it there sets a cookie with a Path like /yawp/wp-adminwp-admin), I can at least include the Integration plugin’s suggested settings in wp-config now. But I still get a second logged_in cookie when logging into the bbp side, that logging out from WP cannot remove. IE, /yawp/ and /yawp for the Path:

I haven’t figured out how to make bbP stop giving the second cookie without the trailing / but at least it now removes the one with the trailing / when logging out from WP (WP still thinks it is logged in due to the non-trailing slash cookie and shows the site admin link in meta, but won’t allow me re-enter the admin after logging out. At that point it acts as the situation arturo84 describes as his original problem, but also fails to logout from the bbp side)!

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