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Re: cookie integration problem wp2.8 – bb 1.0 rc-2

Please excuse my previous longwindedness as it seems it was unnecessary. I just tested a site with WP in the base folder and bbP in a subfolder of WP, and a site with WP in a subfolder of the base folder with bbP in a subfolder of WP. Neither site needs anything added to either config file except that the 3 secret keys match between them (my nonce keys also match but that shouldn’t matter). It is also necessary to fill in the wp-admin’s bbPress Integration Plugin settings, and the bb-admin’s WordPress Integration settings.

On any sites I’ve tested where I have WP in a subfolder of the base folder, and bbP in a subfolder of the WP folder, bbP sets 2 logged_in cookies, one with a trailing / and one without, which poses a problem since WP doesn’t get rid of the one without a trailing / and thus WP cannot logout from bbP if the user logs in from bbP. After I made the change mentioned above to bb-settings.php and tested it on both sites mentioned I found both sites integrating as expected and the double logged_in cookie from bbP login was no longer a problem. That’s why I submitted the patch to Trac.

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