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Re: Convert WP Super Cache plug-in for bbPress ?



My point exactly about access. On a single server setup you might as well give more resources to mysql, it’s much more practical. The idea is to try to eliminate the bottleneck to mysql when you have contention among many clients. You won’t likely get that in a single server setup if mysql is done right.

The memcache layer in wp/bbpress is only one step above the mysql layer and the only thing you are saving is a few cpu cycles from when it decodes the serialized data from mysql to memory. It certainly doesn’t help at all the fact that bbPress 1.0, like WP, now does a gazillion copies of an object in memory as it references data, instead of using pointers like 0.9 does – all those copies add up, you can actually time the 50% decrease in performance on each ROW when displaying the front page with 25 topics and it gets magnified with each plugin used.

Cache Type Cache Gets/sec
Array Cache 365000
APC Cache 98000
File Cache 27000
Memcached Cache (TCP/IP) 12200 <<<<====---
MySQL Query Cache (TCP/IP) 9900
MySQL Query Cache (Unix Socket) 13500 <<<<===---
Selecting from table (TCP/IP) 5100
Selecting from table (Unix Socket) 7400

Maybe someone should write an interface into the wp/bbpress memcache object manager to use APC/eaccelerator shared memory instead on single server systems. Apparently that would be significantly faster.

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