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Re: Confusion about sharing databases


You only need to share databases to have integrated user logins.


Thanks for responding, Chris. I’m still confused about this. It sounds like, from the documentation like above, integrating the cookies will accomplish the same thing:

blockquoteIntegrating cookies allows your users to log in to either your WordPress blog or your bbPress forums and be effectively logged in to both.


I do want it to be pretty seamless for our users. I want them to only have to register once, and not to have to log in again when they cruise to the forum. On the face of it, it would seem like we need to share one database. BUT, that seems a bit scary, like the kind of scenario where I could wipe out our existing WP installation.

If that’s the route I should go, how do I go about it? Uninstall the bbpress I just created, then go through the installation again, except this time enter our wp database info?

I tried doing the integration last week for the two databases I have currently set up, and had to add a line into my wp-config about a secret key. With that, an error message came up instead of the blog, choking on that line. It was a day before I got wind of it, so it didn’t look very good.

I want to have a clearer understanding this time before I start messing around with these settings.

BTW, what am I missing with the markup here? It says to put the code between backticks `, but it’s not working.

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