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Re: Confused about filter bb_current_user_can

k. Think I got this licked. Wasn’t working there for about 4 hrs though. I wanted to assign various mod caps to a user in specific forums. I did that and the template goodies for a mod popped up all over the place. Well this was easy. Wrong.

Deleting a post is an ajax maneuver. The ajax code calls bb_current_user_can() again. So what’s the prob? I’m still returning ‘ok’ as a cap for ‘delete_post’. Well I’m also checking for a forum_id as part of the validation process. ajax calls exist outside in the twilight zone where there are no valid forums. Poor things.

Had to check for DOING_AJAX, determine what forum the post was in and then say ‘ok’.

To think my mother wanted me to be a plumber. Plumbers don’t have this kind of fun.

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