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Re: Configuring Config.php file?



In my 1rst bbPress installation, I had created a bbpress related MySQL table database, via my cPanel, and added existing WordPress users to the new MySQL bbPress database. I did run the bbPress Running Installer and chose an Admin username; this Installer emailed me the Admin password.

In my 2nd bbPress configuration, I configured the config.php file to integrate bbPress to my existing WordPress MySQL database. Then, sometime, I deleted the bbPress MySQL database and bbPress users. I did not run bbPress Running Installer a 2nd time reason my bbPress was available immediately .

Since, I’ve been capable of reaching the Running Installer needed to create a new Admin username and password.

To your request, I checked again my MySQL database, there are no bbPress MySQL database. Then, I deleted again all bbPress folders/files using my bulletproofFTP. After, I FTP uploaded bbPress folders/files back to /public_html/blogue/bbpress location. Still the same results, is already up and bbPress never ask me the Running Installer.

What else can I do? Thanks for your patience and support.

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