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Re: Configuring Config.php file?



«What steps did you take? Did you install bbPress in another database or did you install it again in the current database that WordPress is at. »

I did install bbPress in another database or by itself… separate from WordPress database.

«If you installed in another database and then exported out the bb_ prefix tables and imported them in the database with the wp_ prefix tables, nothing should have happened to WordPress.»

Yes, it’s what my web host support that did the export/import… the exact same steps you instructed me to do or as shown above: export bbPress tables, then import bbPress to WordPress. It seems that I’ve use the same identifier or username (Robert Richard) for the bbPress as it already existed within WordPress (Robert Richard)… both database had the same Admin username or identifier.

«Either way, nothing should have happened to WordPress because bbPress uses the login information from WordPress, not vice-versa.»

I’m not sure of about «either way», but I will ask my web host help desk to re-install backups and start over again with a different identifier or username.

«When I installed bbPress, I chose the ‘key master’ as an account that isn’t the admin in WordPress. That is a pain because I have to login as 1 user to administer bbPress and logout and login as another user to administer WordPress. Of course, I figured all this out after importing my phpBB posts.»

I’m figuring out this stuff hands on and by having you as a support. It seems logical to have a different identifier; I thought about it afterwards. Regretfully, I don’t have the formal training with database and tables to have predicted this dynamic. Luckily, has you.

Thanks a million.

Robert Richard.

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