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Re: Configuring Config.php file?

I understand what you are saying. You are getting the page that says (translated to English):

Already Installed

You appear to have already installed bbPress. Perhaps you meant to run the upgrade scripts instead? To reinstall please clear your old database tables first.

Here is a question…..which database is your WordPress installed in with the wp_ prefix in the database? I would assume that just looking at your WordPress wp-config.php file would have the database information. Then I would make sure that your bbPress config.php has the same database information. If you run the install and it says the same error as above, I am 99.9% sure that the bb_ in in that database.

Alright now…assuming I am wrong, why not change the config.php file for bbPress to see if you can install in one of your other databases to see if something else causing your installer problems. Then you can run the install for the user ‘key master’ that you want and then export the tables out of that database and then import them into your current wordpress database.

Just a thought… least somewhere to start!


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