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Re: Combined Register + Post

That would be great, Im sure i don’t have the best way to do it, im sure working together we can find the best way of achieving it.

I’d love to pay, and I will. You must consider nonetheless I live and work in colombia. My current salary is les than $5 an hour. And I can’t even pay half that :( BUT! Im happy to give “donations” if the developer is ok. How much do you charge?

I’ve thought about anonymous, but that isn’t the idea. If an account can be created, why not?

I will surely use instant pasword! thanks for that!

That gives me even more clear ideas about this.

The reply form in a topic, if a user is logged out. Should include login, password, and reply.

If the account exists, login and post. If it doesn’t exist; ask for email, createaccount, login and post.

A special message could be shown. Your reply has been posted! And an account has been created for you. Thanks for joining our community.

What do you think about it?

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