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Re: changing rss url (redirecting to feedburner)



Hmm, searching brought me to this:

Sounds like you’d be happy with a hack, which is really a bad idea, and this is really better suited to a plugin, but I am still looking for where you’d make the exact change in the core.

In looking at this, I realized the RSS feeds for my forum are broken, so I’m not much help. Searching the code at for things like get_recent_rss_link (which is where the URL for the Recent Posts RSS feed comes from I think doesn’t give me any results. It seems the search there does not search the code, just the tickets? I read the help but it wasn’t telling me what I wanted to hear :)

Maybe I’ll check out a new copy and grep through it to see where to hack. Sorry I can’t be of more help. I don’t know the answer but I’ll try to help.

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