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Re: Change Post Order Question

I’ve been playing with this one and there’s a modification I would mind seeing, or some help on how to make the modification.

I’m trying to use the AJAX Quote plugin with this, but unfortunately it breaks. The reason is simple … the AJAX Quote plugin basically copies the id=x&page=y#post-zz into the postbox so that you can find and navigate to the original post being quoted. When using this script, it gets broken because the most recent posts are always on page=1, meaning that when a post that’s been replied to gets bumped to page=2, the link is now incorrect.

What I’d like to see is that the page id’s for a paginated topic don’t change … the earliest post will always be page=1 and the most recent posts will be on the highest page number. I can see that the quoting system can still be broken if the posts per page setting is changed, I know. But assuming it doesn’t change, then this would maintain the integrity of the quote links.

Any ideas?

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