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Re: “chairman” plugin suggestion

Thanks for the feedback edwinfoo. The history behind this suggestion is that I am a very active contributor on “” forum (they use bbpress).

The forum mob tends to end up in flamewars due to the moderators not being able recognize even simple “ad hominem” flame baits and step in in time. Threads gets hijacked and flamewars breaks loose across several threads and all the moderate contributors suffer as a consequence.

There are some clever trollers creating sock-puppets and repeatedly throwing small baits on certain targeted users. When the targeted user eventually snaps, he is the one that unfairly gets blocked.

I neither think a thread creator should be able to “edit” other contributors posts, only “flag” them as either “irrelevant” or “flamebait” and by that”hide” the text of the offensive/irrelevant post, not the fact that there is a post. Basically like putting a big fat stamp over it. The offender would then have to dispute the matter via PM with the thread owner or forum moderator.

Further there could be a “3 flagged posts in 1 thread blocks offender automatically from further posts to that specific thread”

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