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Re: Can't simultaneously be logged in on both WP and forum

I fixed it.

It wasn’t simple, and honestly, I really hope that the integration with WP was a basic feature, not an option. Otherwise, it’s the best forum for WP-enabled website so far, and I’m so glad that I installed it.

The following steps are what I did, and might have unnecessary steps, but whatever made it work, made it work. I’ll also assume that you have followed the integration steps that involves matching keys of config files. I would also assume that you have used the correct keymakers for the bbPress version.

bbPress 0.9:

bbPress 1.0:

1. Install the “bbPress Integration” plugin for WP. Set up everything accordingly until you see the “Manual Cookie Settings”. It told me to add “define( ‘COOKIEPATH’, ‘/’ );” on wp-config.php, but it didn’t work. I had to remove / for the path because I read it somewhere that if you add /, it’ll add an extra /, making it // for the cookie path with is invalid. So I added “define( ‘COOKIEPATH’, ” );” instead, above the “AUTH_KEY” section in wp-config.php.

2. I’ve added the following lines above the ?> part in the end of the bb-config.php :

$bb->bb_xmlrpc_allow_user_switching = true;

$bb->cookiepath = ”;

$bb->sitecookiepath = ”;

This tip can be found in other tutorials, but notice that again, I took out / for the path.

3. In WP Settings -> Writing, I’ve enabled XML-RPC.

4. In bbPress Settings -> Writing, I’ve enable XML-RPC.

5. I’ve cleared the cookies of the browsers (IE and FF).

Everything should work as it is. At least it did for me.

Now I can simultaneously be logged in for WP and bbPress without any problems.

I really hope that one day, either from bbPress settings or a one simple plugin would resolve the problems that some of us had.

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