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Re: Cannot integrate with WP

Thank you for answering! I am afraid I do not understand what you are writing. I do not think I am loading (I am not quite sure what that means) WP into bbP, I just want to integrate in such a way that a reader do not have to login twice to comment on the we site and also in the forum. So my plan is to change the look (skin) of bbPress to be like my WP. I understand this is better from a performance view.

I do not understand what merging of the language files means and how to do it. Please elaborate!

My aim is to make my forum look like my web site. I succeded to a small degree by creating a header that is the same as for my web site. Unfortunately it meant that the layout of the forum changed in a way I do not know how to fix. At you can see how far I came. The header is ok but the rest of the page got changed in unexpected ways. My plan was to use the header but have the forum look more like another forum I have at

Advice on how to proceed is most welcome!

There are a few other bbPress installtions in Swedish but they also cannot handle Swedish names. There must be many other languages with non-English characters. How do they handle it?

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