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Re: can not select db error



I would not recommend posting your connection details here. Please change your database connection details with the host if you can. I guess since they’re not working anyway there’s probably not much harm. I would change the password at least.

Here’s the problem. You can post the connection details here, but without someone having access to what the host says the connection details SHOULD be, there’s no way to verify that what you are posting here and using are correct. Only you can verify that they are identical. You can triple check the database name, username and password and verify that they’re correct, letter my letter. So, my guess is that the host is wrong. It’s trying localhost and not finding a database there by that name. So my SWAG is that you need to put a hostname there.

MySQL 4 is required, so MySQL 4.1 should be fine. That’s an interesting warning though, I don’t think I’ve seen that before. Once your forum is installed, you should probably file a trac bug on that since I don’t think the possibility of that function being disabled has been covered.

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