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Re: Can bbpress be Turned Into An Image Type Thing With Anonymous Posting



anonymous posting – There’s a plugin available.

attached images – Allow-images Plugin or ck’s Attachment plugin (which is in development but is available for use)

video – bbVideo automatically embeds videos from YouTube and other video websites. If you want people to load avi, mpg, etc, then you will probably need to use ck’s attachement plugin (which is in development but is available for use)

banning option – hmmm… how would you ban somebody without registration? IP Address?

no registration – how is this different from Anonymous posting?

moderation – part of bbPress to an extent

unlimited sub forums – part of bbPress

report option – I haven’t seen anything like this… nice idea though

accept tos before entering certain forums – There’s a new Terms of Service plugin that might be modified for your needs

log by ip – part of bbPress

resize images or videos to right size – maybe the Lightbox2 plugin for images? Not sure about video…

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