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Re: Caching in bbPress?



How do you handle caching a page with items only a moderator should see, and then pages that are okay for subscribers, and then pages that are for open public? The cache will have to be rather smart. And then you can’t show any personal information on the page like the user’s name if it’s going to be cached.

bbpress still has some non-optimised routines that don’t use the soft cache, for example on the topic page, I’ve noticed it does a query at the end to fetch all the forums names for the moderator “move this topic” tool. Those should definitely be in the cache but it’s not used.

For a logged out user, I have my topic pages down to 15 queries. That’s the most “expensive page”. It uses 3 more queries for a logged in user (one of them listed above).

But I’ve got this geoip flag function that I wrote to show country flags and unfortunately it’s very “expensive” and adds an extra query for every unique poster on the topic page. There’s no way to stack requests since it must search by range (researched it like crazy but no solutions). I have to eventually code it to store the country data in the usermeta. But there’s the issue that their IP/location can change on a per-post basis and that sometimes I have to patch the geo information because the db gets it wrong. Oh well.

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