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Re: Caching in bbPress?

We are in perfect sync on that one… having xml-rpc pingbacks in a forum is the most worthless feature idea to ever be thought of. I’ve completely disabled them on wordpress because I don’t think they provide any true value to the reader, and most of them are spam anyway. I’ve written my own simple spam plugin to run in conjunction with Akismet because I was unsatisfied with what I was getting.

Your idea of the wordpress logins would work if they implemented OpenID in bbPress and had as an openid server. Would actually be a killer feature, I’d think.

I’ve hacked up my wp-cache2 to allow for more dynamic code to be called on each post. Most of my content is really very static, so I don’t need it to be updated often.

I’ve never had any issues with it caching the wrong versions though.

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