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Re: Bozo problem



I was only going off this reply by peiqinglong (different user?):


That’s the problem, there is no box to uncheck them anywhere in their individual profile, where they are listed as Bozos, etc.

“No box to uncheck” was the part I caught. I’ve seen it mentioned before too and wondered if that was part of the real problem. (edit: maybe since this is a few weeks old this is the one I was remembering)

This was a different, but possibly related problem (where unchecking the box never “stuck” – you’d always be a bozo – that was in 0.73 though I think):

Also, I didn’t follow this from mdawaffe:

There’s nothing in the admin for this (sad, I know).

You need to edit that user’s profile.

But, as key master you CAN edit the user’s profile, from admin. So I didn’t follow this part either.

I thought the crux of the problem was that there were no boxes visible in the admin, where I have boxes, as expected. That is all :)

edit: PLEASE change the style.css to include some styling for [blockquote] – my quotes were quoted up there but you can’t tell. Indent, different font, different BG color, something.

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