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Re: Bozo problem



Trent, maybe I misunderstand. There is a box on the edit tab of my user’s profiles that says “this user is a bozo” and it’s normally unchecked (there was an issue with .73 and the admin being checked bozo, but that doesn’t appear to be an issue any more.)

See this admin user screenshot and normal user screenshot, both of the edit tab in the profiles. Is that what is missing from the OP’s install? I wasn’t asking for anything that doesn’t exist. It sounded to me like this box that I see does not show up sometimes. That’s the confusion for me.

edit: also, I saw on the source somewhere that users of a certain level could be whitelisted to skip the akismet check, but maybe that’s not implemented yet.

In akismet.php, around line 119:

function bb_ksd_check_post( $post_text ) {
global $bb_current_user, $bb_ksd_pre_post_status;
if ( in_array($bb_current_user->roles[0], bb_trusted_roles()) ) // Don't filter content from users with a trusted role
return $post_text;

That I asked about before, for sure:

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