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Re: Both Undelete and Delete links are under each post



Might be a trunk bug but strange how it works in the default.

They changed how the links work to bb_post_admin so it’s all internal now.

If there is a bug, it would be in

function bb_get_post_delete_link( $post_id = 0 ) {

Unless maybe in your template you have both

bb_get_post_delete_link() and bb_post_admin()

which should not be.

Wait, I take that all back

something crazy is going on with line 1599,

you now MUST have in your theme both classes to hide the inactive link.

So they essentially broke every theme in existance with the new trunk. Nice.

$r = "<a href='$delete_uri' class='$ajax_delete_class delete-post'>" . __( 'Delete' ) . "</a> <a href='$undelete_uri' class='$ajax_undelete_class undelete-post'>" . __( 'Undelete' ). '</a>';

Go into your stylesheet and copy from the default kakumei stylesheet the styles for

#thread li .undelete-post, #thread li.deleted .delete-post { display: none; }
#thread li.deleted .undelete-post { display: inline; }

Are they calling everything threads instead of topics now? Ugh. More confusion.

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