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Re: Botched wordpress integration, now I can't login at all



Well I am back to square 0.8. As of this morning I was on bbPress 1.0.2, but now I am back to It is at least working again. I think it must have something to do with the bb-config.php file. If I load up 1.0.2 and keep the old config file (as instructed) it tells me that my usernames do not exist (admin, etc.). If I pull everything (including the same bb-config.php file) from my backup and switch back to everything is fine. I did notice that everything in the newer versions of wp and bb refers to the four different keys, whereas my config file for bb has only the “SECRET” key. In the old version it talks about WP integration using just the one key.

Any ideas on how I should proceed? Also I see many mentions on clearing out the wp and bb cookies, but I don’t understand how to do that and can’t find it in the forum.

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