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Re: Better Gravatar directions INSIDE bbPress

I don’t use Gravatars, but the avatar-upload plugin works superbly and is very easy to follow in the profile page. ( The image size and maximum upload file size can be pre-set, and it’s just a matter of the user selecting an image to upload and clicking Go. The image is resized if it’s large.

Saves people having to go and set up a Gravatar too – nobody in our technophobic group would bother, frankly. Come to that, most haven’t even uploaded an image, and seem happy with the auto-generated Identicon.

Edit: I should have said that I personally don’t use a Gravatar, but the option is switched on in Admin, so Gravatars will be used, or the user can choose to upload an image, or have an Identicon created. It all works very easily and looks great too.

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