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Re: Better Gravatar directions INSIDE bbPress

Ryan Hellyer


In any case I think it would be wrong to pimp Gravatar in the actual default theme.

I wouldn’t call it “pimping Gravatar”, but “helping bbPress forum users”.

bbPress is pimping Gravatar already by including it in the core software. Adding information about a core service in the theme seems reasonable to me. Themes are there to be edited. If someone doesn’t want to “pimp gravatar” they can easily remove it.

Actually, it’d almost be nice to be able to tie Gravatar into your board so that when someone goes to change their avatar, it backends the whole deal to Gravatar. Imagine: Changing your gravatar from any enabled site, without having to login. And being able to pick which gravatar for which site…

There was a discussion about this over at recently. It would be terrific if someone built that functionality. It doesn’t seem to be a particularly trivial task though unfortunately.

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