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Re: Better Gravatar directions INSIDE bbPress

“Weigh in”? Geez, putting your own opinion forward doesn’t turn life into a wrestling match.

I could have explained better. The woman in question doesn’t understand the concept of the Gravatar being in one place and therefore easy to change. As far as she’s aware, sites you give your email to have access to that email, and things virtually attached to it. As an example, I have people who think you can’t use the same name with a different email service provider because once used they think their name is ‘taken’ on the entire Internet. They see ‘Bob Jones’ refused in Hotmail, and are offered ‘Bob Jones482’ and take it, then think ‘Bob Jones482’ can’t be used elsewhere.

We all have varying opinions on the Gravatar/Core issue and others, but it’s no big deal in the end, is it? After all, if it comes to the point where 0.9 doesn’t do what somebody wants me to do for them, then there are many other options. We’re all very happy with 0.9 right now though, so all’s smiles. :)

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