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Re: Best way to integrate with bbPress

both…. sort of….

let me see if I can storybook it for you….

* User goes to main website

* This main page lists what’s playing, what jsut played and what’s coming up

* From this page are links to browse the online catalog, tune in, and the forums (which are at ).

* I would, at this point to also be able to include the login form… which would be tied to the bbPress database. It would have the same effect as if they had clicked the link to the forums and logged in there

* Once the user has logged in (either through the front page or through the forums) I’d like the login form to be replaced by a greeting. In addition, if they then make a request (by going through the online catalog and hitting the Request button), I want to capture their user name (how? I’m not sure I care, all I need is the info) so that I can store it in the music database for display on the front page with their request.

Would I be better off moving my forums out of a subdomain, and putting it under a folder in the main part of the site (so it would be ) instead? Then at least I shouldn’t have any cookie issues… since it would then be from the same domain…. technically even with a subdomain it *should* be from the same domain, but cookies don’t always see themselves that way.

Dang, why do I feel like this is harder than it should be? People integrate with WP all the time w/o (many) issues…. I think this should be easier, at least in theory.


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