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Re: bbSync

Fel: I just made a small change to the felbbreplies(); function in order to get a reply link on pages where there aren’t yet any replies. I simply added echo '<h3><a href="' . bbreplylink() . '">Reply!</a></h3>'; to the else clause. If the topic has been created in the forums, it works perfectly, if not, the “Reply!” button simply links to the current page. Not ideal, I know, but it at least makes sure that the reply link appears, whether there are previous replies or not.

I actually just installed the Upload Avatars plugin, but it doesn’t seem to be working correctly with bbsync – the<?php bbreplyavatar(); ?> portion of felbbreplies(); is returning the following on the WP pages: <img alt="admin avatar" src="http://path_to/wp/forums/avatars/" class="avatar" /> So it appears to know which directory contains the avatar, but doesn’t include the avatar’s file name.

*Update* – I have just noticed that new forum replies don’t appear back in WP unless the original post is re-saved.

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