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Re: bbSync

Starrett, there’s a few template tags. Originally I was thinking I could make it so people can customise the comment structure in a seperate template file but dismissed it as thinking that no-one would care (I don’t). It’ll be quite easy to put it back in. They are all used internally, so they do work. Do you use the Avatar Upload plugin, actually? Can’t remember if I made a check for that.

It’s probably a good idea to let it stop at the more tag. With a link to the original entry? Can do, would make that a generic option (hmm, got quite a lot of options now).

The option “how much of your post” is the character count. A little less than ideal, I suppose. :P You can set this on a per-post basis by enabling per-post options, too.

Sneaky, the most important thing is error logs. I’ll see if I can help with that. :)

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