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Re: bbSync

Slex, you didn’t, it’s cool, and for the last week I have barely posted here without being rather drunk (since I usually see posts late at night when I come home). I did not know about you and I somewhat hope that you did not know about me. It is cool.

Jazbek, have you tried it? It has been a good half-year since I came up with the globals solution, but even from a purely theoretical standpoint I don’t see why it would work. The key issue is that bb-include files cannot access the globals, and declaring globals in some function in wp shouldn’t change that. The only thing that seems like it could is the main code, ie. config.php.

Of course, perhaps I’m making something of a fool of myself and it would totally work. If you’ve tried it and it worked for you (meaning also that without the globals code in bbsync.php you had fatal errors) then I’ll check it out again. Cheers.

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