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Re: bbSync

Slex, indeed there’s some issue there. It probably needs further thinking about. However, like I said if you want to modify it to stop wp saving comments, or even to make bb add replies to wp comments, implement the change and I would definitely like to make a branch of bbsync.

Vito, can you please open bb’s config.php file and add this line to it somewhere?

global $bb_cache;

That should fix that error (assuming you’re using the latest stable, .8.3!).

No good news on making backdated topics I’m afraid, because there’s no way to use the API to create the topic and set the time of it to be in the past. You’d have to copy and modify some large blocks of code, which is exactly what I want to avoid with bbsync (regarding the problem that became with bbpress post, for example).

However, if you edit an old post in wp and press save, it will create a new topic in bb for you (but with today’s date, rather than the appropriate one). It’s an unfortunate limitation of bbsync.

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