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Re: bbSync

The fix that I made to that function has been tested now and it seems to work, but the fact of the matter is that it could have very well just broke that function all together. I think everything works to my satisfaction now though, so I probably wont worry about it until I run into some more problems. The only thing that gives me hope in that respect is that previously, that if statement was failing. meaning that the user was not a bb_user:

if ( !( is_object($user) && is_a($user, 'BB_User') ) )

so it would create new capabilities for the user (incorrectly at that). But when I changed it to wp_User, for some reason that if statement catches and just returns without creating the new capabilities that break access permissions. I don’t know why this works after looking into the code, but until I see negative side effects, I might turn a shy eye (<— i dont think thats a real saying…).

Also, on the topic of redundant database entries, I think since we have the integration set up from the WP comment box, it wouldnt be incredibly difficult to simply take out the one database call (somewhere in the wordpress code never-never-land) that actually posts the comment to the database. So we’re not inputting a box from bbpress, but we would effectively stop wordpress comments from being saved to the database since we never actually look at them. This of course wouldn’t work if you were merely copying database entries in order to post the comments as posts in bbPress, but I dont think thats what you’re doing. It probably is two separate database INSERT calls, and I bet we can take the wordpress one out, and have identical functionality (assuming we took out wordpress comments and exclusively use felbbreplies()). It’s merely an optimization though, and unless the user base is larger than any of us probably are going to have it might not matter… I’ll look into it tonight when I get home, and let you know.

sorry for the long post


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