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Re: bbSync

Joe, np. Re: #3, no, you need to modify the template to use fellbbreplies() and return all replies (comments and bb posts).

Jazbek, excellent!

Hey Slex, the less cool way is cool too. There’s somd rewriting due on this plugin that I’ll have to do somdtimd soon and I’ll hopefully improve things then. The bug you found does exist, but I believe the problem is _before_ that function when it checks if the user has a capability. Or did you fix it? In any case, from a theoretical viewpoint, I thought bb used the bb_user class regardless of integration.

We don’t _need_ blog comments. Note that you can simply get rid of the wp comments form and prevent them. I did a lot of work (quite a long tiem ago now) to get a bb form in there, but a lot of globals need setting/spoofing and I eventually ran into difficulties.

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