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Re: bbSync

Hey fel, sorry for the delay in replying. I did it the less cool way you mentioned. Just changed the template to call my own modified function with an extra parameter passed to it (the amount of posts in the topic -1). Pretty simple, but worked like a charm. You probably couldnt modify that stuff through your plugin, but you could do some magic by just writing some felfunctions that mostly do that same stuff as wordpress’s functions and then add them to the plugin. idk.

I do have a weird bug that im trying to figure out, I think crowspeaker had a similar one. I actually think his bug might be two separate bugs.

I can post back and forth and see comments yadadaada, everything works EXCEPT:

If I make a post in wordpress as an administrator, I lose my administrator powers in the forum (the forum only). I get the extra capabilities(member) thing. I just delete that database entry and i can go full on again. I havent quite tracked the culprit down yet, but ill let you know. For now I can just hack it and delete that entry after every post if it exists. rofl. dont ever do that though.

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