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Re: bbSync

I love the plugin fel. It takes a while to get used to what file is doing what, but to anyone who is using it along with the integration scripts you might realize that the posts on the forum show up as comments and visa versa, but the comment count on the main page only counts the comments made via wordpress, and doesnt take into account the comments that show up, but were originally made in the forum.

I added a function in the plugin that just recieved the number of posts (since this data is correct).

function bbreplycount() {
global $id, $opshuns;
$posties = 0;
if( !$opshuns )
$opshuns = get_option('bbsync');
require_once( $opshuns['bbpath'] );
$topic_id = felwptobb( $id );
if( $topic_id ) {
$topic = get_topic( $topic_id );
$posties = $topic->topic_posts;

return $posties - 1;

Using this I was able to modify the comments_popup_link(...) to accept another variable (the number of posts returned by the new function). Then instead of getting the number of actual comments via the wordpress method, I simply replaced my new variable with that function call. Viola, works like a charm.

Its nothing serious, but could be helpful to some. cheers. Thanks again fel.

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