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Re: bbShowcase shut down?

kriskl – You could always go with version 9.06. Most of the plugins work with 9.0x versions right now, no need to wait for the developers to upgrade to 1.0x. Then once the plugins catch up, upgrade to 1.0x.

We run 9.0x right now and have no problems so far (beyond a few cosmetic tweaks) with any of the plugins we are using… which is about 20 or so.

I don’t think bbPress is going anywhere. It is a great little piece of community software. If WP decides to stop supporting it, I bet someone (maybe one of us?) will pick it up and fork off into a new direction for it.

Just today I got an email from someone who visited my bbPress site and they wanted to know what software I was running. They said they really liked it and was hoping it was a plug-in to WP so they could run it. It is feedback like this that WP needs to hear…

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