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Re: bbPress v1’s eventual release

I am also sticking with v 0.9x for now! If your site is working nicely now and you’re happy with how it’s going… there’s no need to change your platform.

I hear that version 1 will have better post-level meta data support? That’s exciting and something I’m looking forward to. Other than that, this is what Sam wrote about version 1.0:

“There is no feature list as such. In fact, you will find that not much has changed at this stage on the front end. The main difference is that we are now using the BackPress library for core functionality. There are some other “under the hood” changes as well, like the introduction of WordPress’ taxonomy structure for storing tags and the creation of a global meta table which can store metadata for forums, topics and posts as well as site options. The global meta table can also store custom meta from plugins.

The major cosmetic difference is the new admin area which is modelled on WordPress.”

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