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Re: bbPress v1’s eventual release



bbPress will likely travel the same path as WordPress

so bloat and uneven internal feature adoption is unavoidable

but my hope is it will happen in far later versions than sooner.

I will fondly remember and miss the “good old” 0.9 days :-(

Note I’m not saying NEVER use 1.0, I’m saying for an active site don’t rush into it and perhaps for any new site, don’t start with it, since it can be upgraded.

Template developers should not use 1.0 until it has extremely wide adoption as it’s features are not backwards compatible, but any template you make in 0.9 will work in 1.0 with virtually no modifications.

timskii don’t worry about 1.0 not being debugged enough, even before RC1 it has a 10% adoption:

1.0a6 : 5%
1.0 ? : 5% (1.0 using pre-a6)
0.9.x : 52%
0.8.x : 35% (this is likely wrong, it includes 0.8 installs that upgraded to 0.9)

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