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Re: bbPress v1’s eventual release

Yah plugins aren’t at the plug and play point yet, sadly.

Slapping a name like “bbPress Certified” on it is begging for legal problems. But it might be neat to have a system where individual users could say, “Works For Me” and list their version number. If I saw that five people with had installed a plugin I was looking at, that would give me a lot of comfort (and avoid the legal and logistical problems of having Automattic review each plugin).

In a similar vein, it’d be great if there were a way for a site mod to put some kind of warning on exploited plugins. It really pains me is that plugins with widely reported security problems don’t have a warning on them:

That said, NightGunner5 wrote a great substitute plugin without the security hole… and it’s quickly become more popular. So maybe the issue is less urgent than I had thought…

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