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Re: bbPress v1’s eventual release



I highly encourage the use of 0.9 until (and maybe even through) 2010

1.0 is a different creature internally than 0.9 and while 0.9 has a few years of development and debugging (and compatible with most plugins) 1.0 has none of these things.

IMHO 1.0 should *never* have been called 1.0

0.9 should have been finalized and released as 1.0

and then what is now being called 1.0 should have been called 1.5

People simply do not understand that 1.0 is not some kind of minor upgrade to 0.9 with just incremental fixes – large portions of code have been changed or replaced entirely. Certain database tables have been completely replaced into a much more complex scheme, etc.

Remember, you can *never* downgrade once you start with/upgrade to 1.0

but there is always an upgrade path from 0.9 to 1.0

(someone someday might be crazy enough to write a downgrade routine for 1.0 to downgrade the database tables but it won’t be me)

There is also no clear path for bbPress from Automattic.

They are replacing the WP code base with WPMU, which means the purpose of the extremely labor-intensive drive to integrate BackPress into bbPress 1.0 is now even more unclear.

I’ve yet to see a single feature/ability in 1.0 that you will miss with 0.9

ps. I also think WP 2.5 is the last decent version of WP made but that’s for another forum

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