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Re: bbPress v1’s eventual release

The additional queries are probably due to the new taxonomy structure we are using for tags.

On the upside, you can now use memcached to cache bbPress objects which should give you better performance than 0.9

I’d be interested to know if the query count was also higher on other pages.

There is a small amount of code “bloat” because of BackPress abstraction layers, but it’s here to stay. It’s already being utilised in a couple of other projects including GlotPress and there are a few people interested in merging it into WordPress as well. The benefits of using it to the ongoing development of bbPress is becoming clearer all the time.

As for feature creep, it’s going to be really limited. bbPress is just supposed to do a few things simply and provide enough hooks for plugin and theme devs to add the bells and whistles. That won’t be changing any time soon. Most development over the next few iterations will be concentrating heavily on easing integration with WordPress and making the lives of plugin and theme devs easier.

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