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Re: bbPress Tags in 1.0 alpha

Ok, more of a clue here…

It looks like the insert into term_taxonomy is failing during the upgrade process.

it appears as if, bb_term_taxonomy has a ‘description’ field which is NOT NULL in the schema:

// term_taxonomy
$bb_queries['term_taxonomy'] = "CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS $bbdb->term_taxonomy (
term_taxonomy_id bigint(20) NOT NULL auto_increment,
term_id bigint(20) NOT NULL default 0,
taxonomy varchar(32) NOT NULL default '',
description longtext NOT NULL,
parent bigint(20) NOT NULL default 0,
count bigint(20) NOT NULL default 0,
PRIMARY KEY (term_taxonomy_id),
UNIQUE KEY term_id_taxonomy (term_id, taxonomy)

but the upgrade code…

$bbdb->insert( $bbdb->term_taxonomy, array(
'term_id' => $term_id,
'taxonomy' => 'bb_topic_tag'
) );

does not set a description, so this insert is failing.

Not sure how this could be working for anyone else…

Am I really the only one seeing this?

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