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Re: bbpress returning 404s from wp_remote_get() in wpmu

This is to clear up this issue. Frankly I had forgotten about this post after solving the problem. Whoops. Sorry.

I was trying to fire up xmlrpc access from wpmu to bbpress. Your bbpress_live plugin wasn’t working. buddypress’s group forums weren’t working. Surprise, it uses the bbpress_live classes.

Turns out the wp http api lib uses the curl lib as the default transport mechanism. It goes out and gets the requested url using curl by default if it’s installed. It’s installed everywhere and on everything except my kitchen toaster. So, curl resolves ip addresses by first looking at your /etc/hosts file. Then it goes to dns for resolution.

The /etc/hosts file and linux are happy with hosts defaulting to for I live in apache all day long and don’t care what’s in my hosts file. I should have. :)

Changed /etc/hosts to have the actual ip address to my domain and xmlrpc, bbpress_live, buddypress and the rest of the universe are happy.

Thanks for the quick response Sam!

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