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Re: bbpress post – move ‘discuss’ link to ‘filed under’ area?

That’s very simple; go to wp-admin > Options > Discussion and set it so comments are off. You can also modify your template by deleting all the code for comments.

To get the ‘discuss in forums’ link, simply open your template file, and replace the <?php comments_popup_link('&nbsp;make a comment', '1 comment', '% comments','','comments off'); ?> or similar with this:

<?php forumreplylink(); ?>

That’ll give you what you want. Note that you’ll need to put felblogtotopicid() into a WP plugin, like so:

Plugin Name: HFFIB
Plugin URI:
Description: Helper function for integrating bbPress into your theme.
Version: 0
Author: fel64
Author URI:

function felblogtotopicid( $felpostID ) {
global $table_prefix, $wpdb;
$posts_table = $table_prefix . "bbpress_post_posts";
$topic_id = $wpdb->get_var("SELECT topic_id FROM <code>$posts_table</code> WHERE <code>post_id</code> = $felpostID LIMIT 1;");
return $topic_id;

function forumreplylink() {
//must be called from within the loop yadda yadda
global $post;
$rl = get_option( 'wpbb_path' ) . '/topic.php?id=';
$tid = felblogtotopicid( $post->ID );
echo '<a href="' . $rl . $tid . '">Reply!</a>' . "n";

If you do that, you have to take it out of the hack should you implement it.

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