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Re: bbPress plugin September 15?

John James Jacoby


I’ve been side tracked with BuddyPress bugs and paying work, so don’t expect anything official for a week or two. I have a few projects coming up fast that will need this working so while I’m missing my soft Sept 15 deadline, I don’t think it will be /too/ far off.

Sorry to disappoint, it’s no fun… and thanks for your patience with me and it.

For the record, I love bbPress. I have a few commits going into 1.1, and I have every intention of making bbPress be the best it can be as a WordPress plugin.

Regarding my motivation and priority, it’s to make great forum software that fits inside WordPress; nothing more and nothing less.

Regarding why I was able to step into this role, it’s because our peers believe I am capable, and I am willing to dedicate time and effort towards it getting it done.

Regarding any possible benefit BuddyPress might see, is a welcome bonus but not a priority. BuddyPress/bbPress processing times should decrease with BuddyPress 1.2.6, as a few tweaks have been made and a bug or two have been patched in that regard. Even still, nothing compares to the blazing fast speed of bbPress by itself, even in the slower 1.x branch.

Regarding everything else, I’m just here to write the best code I can, help make bbPress a great WordPress plugin, and have fun doing it all. So far, so good on my end. :)

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