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Re: bbPress plugin September 15?



Let me clarify for those that don’t follow.

BuddyPress is JJJ’s pet project.

Buddypress relies on WordPress, currently it’s technically a “plugin” to WordPress.

Buddypress (pre-1.3) uses bbpress standalone to manage it’s groups by using bbpress’s engine to manage forums (buddypress “groups” technically are forums with specific memberships to limit who can post to where).

JJJ sees that there are far too many layers and way too much code being loaded which is making buddypress too slow. So his plan is to more closely tie bbpress into WordPress, making buddypress faster.

His motivation is not to improve bbpress for the sake of making bbpress better. He doesn’t need the front end of bbpress at all for buddypress. He already manages it through buddypress.

So by reinventing bbpress to use wordpress’s core, he can cut out some of the bulk and make buddypress faster. BuddyPress is currently very slow and bulky unless you have a decent server and good caching setup.

Taking control of bbPress is a side project to help buddypress for JJJ and he’ll never convince me otherwise about his motivations.

Note I am NOT saying you won’t be able to run bbPress without buddypress, of course you will be able to (because that’s even less complicated) But that’s not his motivation or priority, at all.


0.7-0.9 bbPress standalone, high speed core independent of WP

1.0-1.1 bbPress relies on backpress core, which uses WP functions (150% larger)

1.2/2.0 bbPress relies on WordPress 3+ for it’s core (200% larger)

If you think hooking into the bulk that is WP 3.x is going to make bbPress faster, well there’s going to be a mighty big wake up call sometime soon. It will make page caching easier, but that’s good because it’s practically going to be a requirement.

JJJ’s only motivation to do this is because his pet buddypress project relies on the bulk of WP so the logic is might as well force bbPress to also.

TL;DR bbPress rewrite makes buddypress faster but bbpress by itself slower than 0.9/1.1

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