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Re: bbPress Login from WordPress

Thanks fel64, that did it, sort of… I inserted the line at the end of my wp-config.php file and that allows me to call the login_form() PHP function from bbPress from within WP. The page loads fine except I do get an error message at the bottom of my browser (using IE 7) that says, “Done, but with errors on page”. I think this means there’s a javascript error somewhere? No idea where to start looking for this. Any thoughts?

Also, it doesn’t quite work as desired since when you do anything with the login form it redirects you to the forums which makes sense but not the behavior I want. I think I may forego any further modifications for now but I like the idea of the deeper integration between WP and bbPress. If I can figure out the error I may be able to dabble more later as I learn more PHP.


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