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Re: bbPress Login from WordPress

This is what i have for my wp login. I want my users to login/register from the wp side. So i have this snippet of code i gathered from various forum posts as well as some of it was in my current theme.

It says Welcome guest when you arent logged in or registered and it gives the link to register. If your signed in or sign in it says Welcome username and shows the forum avatar you have set. Based on your user level it shows you different links for each thing you can do. Like make a post in WP or your profile and favorites in the forum.

I have a redirect page setup that when you login from this form it just directs you back to the index page instead of going automatically to the dashboard as this confuses most people and the links are on there if your signed in to show you what you can do.

** I didnt write this i just gathered it up from various sources on the internet in different forum posts and edited it to suit my needs. Part of it was already wrote into the theme i bought for my wp. **

pastebin url to it:

The redirect part is a file i named redirect.php and placed in my wp main directory with a redirect link to the main page. You can see that bit here :

If you have your bbpress intergrated well with wp you should be able to use the same form on your forum. That is what i use.

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