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Re: bbpress is slow like godaddy says?



Another performance tweak that will help with the end user’s page loading times (but won’t reduce that queries - time report for the page generation) is to remove the shedload of external javascripts that bbPress tries to load on many pages. Note that doing this will remove the ajax features but bbPress falls back to the conventional page-reload method instead so that’s okay.

Only admin can use most of the ajax features anyway so this is crazy that bbPress adds half a dozen scripts for everyone, including the bloated 100k jquery library.

This technique requires a mini-plugin unfortunately:

Plugin Name: bb-tweaks
// get rid of default forum scripts
remove_action('bb_head', 'bb_print_scripts');

(I’ve never tried it but it might be possible to just put the single line

remove_action('bb_head', 'bb_print_scripts');

inside functions.php in the theme folder.

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